North Organic Vapour Cartridge

Article number: NORN75001L
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  • Organic Vapor Protection - Helps protect against certain organic vapors.
  • Fits al North APR facepieces - No adapters needed. Fits directly onto North half masks and full facepieces.


Particulate protection can be added by using a either a North Safety Pancake Filter and N750035 adapter or a North Safety N95 or N99 Non-Oil Particulate Pre-Filter and and Filter Cover. This allows workers to change filters frequently without costly changes of the chemical cartridge before breakthrough.


North offers an extensive line of gas and vapor cartridges and particulate filters to satisfy numerous industrial applications.


All North cartridges and filters are approved with all North air-purifying half masks and full facepiece respirators. One line of cartridges and filters will simplify your inventory.


Air-purifying respirators with cartridges provide respiratory protection against gases and vapors by using sorbents to purify the inhaled air. Cartridges without filters do not remove dusts, fibers, and other particles.

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